Welcome to Margus Company
General Contractors since 1976


Margus Company provides a broad range of construction services including, but not limited to:
  • Commercial and industrial building and remodeling
  • Retail interior and exterior build-outs
  • Excavation, site preparation, and demolition
  • Masonry, stonework, and glass block
  • All types of concrete work, including machine foundations and retaining walls
  • Brick pavers
  • Plant maintenance and building repairs of all types

Margus Company prides itself on strong project management. We guarantee:
  • A thorough understanding of the project direction from commencement to completion
  • Anticipation of problems before they occur and an action plan for averting them
  • Coordination of all parties (customer/owner, subcontractors, inspectors, etc.) in a focused, forward-moving direction
  • Effective cost controls to meet budgetary restrictions
  • A professional in-house workforce to complete the majority of the contracted work
  • Quality subcontractors who know their trades and are honest and forthright in their communications
  • High standards, strong work ethic and positive, professional attitude of all personnel

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